Thursday, 16 February 2017

Noah (2014) – Animation Work Details

The art work of a film is considered to be the most complicated thing while you are dealing with a Biblical story, says Darren Aronofsky, who wrote it in the form of a novel first of all. This novel was an incredible success and perhaps this was the reason behind, in changing it into a film so that the religious concept of the film could be made clearer. Russell Crowe, who is playing the lead role has already got a noble personality which suits his character to such an extent that you cannot replace him, in this character, with any other Hollywood actor. 

Eponymous prophet is a very difficult role to play and one cannot reach its demands without the expertise of a long time in the film industry. The prophet comes to know about an apocalyptic flood, off course through his spiritual resources, which is impending. 

As it is a message from God so many of the public around does not believe him but he trusts his vision and belief in God completely and thus he decides to build a ship of enormous size in order to escape from the flood. 

Noah (2014) Review

An interesting fact about the film is that the budget for the tent pole, in the film, when increased from 125 million dollars, Aronofsky got really concerned about his work. It is because he was going to deal with the highest budget film of his life till now. His previous achievement, The Fountain, was an exception in his film career and that too cost 35 million dollars.

The prophecy says that the storm will destroy everything so the main character is forced to build a ship but he needs it to be enormously large because he wants to save as many living creatures as he can. Aronofsky has put a great effort to the material in order to give it a stamp of his own animated creativity. After all it was a great task for him to portray his character as an environmentalist, as he was thinking to save the world. 

Noah (2014) Official Trailer

A lot was depending on the creativity of the director because he intended to show the animals out of which none exists today and he himself says that this part of the film gave a spur to his keen interest in the film making. The giants in the film are simply extraordinary and who can forget those angels with six arms? The writer states about them that for giving digital shape to his vision he took the 

services of ILM to get the best possible designs for his CGI animals. Yet this was the most apprehended shots in the career of ILM till now. The most complex thing about Noah’s story was that it had been worked out by many others as well because the Jewish audience is very interested in it. And when you are working at such a project then the audience is only concerned about your creativity because they know they story already. But Aronofsky’s creativity is fabulous enough to give an altogether new shape to an old story.

Animated Work in Need for Speed (2014)

Those days are gone when games were considered to be a sole entertainment for the kids. Now people of all ages are taking equal interest in the games and the games are also designed in such a complex way that they can maintain their interest among the older lot as well. Need for Speed is one of them. It has always been a top ranked and top of the line game among all racing games since it has arrived in the market. 

Need for speed most wanted was the first patch on this way. It is a marvelous game with loads of thrill of chasing and racing. This game became very famous in a short while because of its graphics which were simply astounding and made a great combination of thrill when joined with the music of the game which was very enchanting itself. 

Some Animated Work in The Film

Then came need for speed under cover where you were suppose to stand face to face with the American police and have to show them your drive expertise. But the cheats involved in the game made it a bit difficult for them to understand who were not very expert in the computer usage. 

As an answer to all those quarries which took their birth from undercover were resolved in the latest game need for speed 2014. Which has won the lost rank for this game once again and is being appreciated everywhere. The music of the game is simply impressed by a famous pinoy drama ang Probinsyano from

Movie Review - Need For Speed 2014

In fact it is the music of any game which proclaims it to be thrilling or adventurous or arcade. You must have noticed that the arcade games have a simple tune of music as if you are playing a game on mobile. Same is the case with the adventure games they do evince music in the game which generates the touch of mystery otherwise the game is considered to be of no use. When it comes to the racing games the scenario is changed altogether. Here you have to provide the thrill, through music, which is required for speed, which can force the player to drive as fast as possible and this is really a herculean task. 

The music designers of the racing games play the most important role in defining its built. If the beats are high and the game is slow then it would not be able to attract the regular players who have the exposure of many games before and on the other hand if music is slow and the game demands fast reflex from the player, then it would certainly fail to resolve the purpose. 

Conclusions - Verdict on Film

Need for speed is a thrilling game with high beats of music. You can get the real thrill of the game by joining your pc to some stereo system that has a high every booster speaker fixed. The hip hop beats became the heart throb of all the dancing floor of the world because they give a spur to the flow of blood 

and one is forced to move his/her body. This music is used as a tool to generate the required thrilling effect of the game.